For Immediate Release:


As many of you know over the last 6 years I have struggled with my health. After much soul searching about what is best for me and for the long-term health of the IMSLBB weekend, I realized that it is time to sell the event to a new generation.

 As I started the 2020 production cycle with the Production Team it became increasingly clear that the time is approaching for new leadership. Unlike when I took over, I want to give the new producer every opportunity to be successful. As much as this is a community event it is also a business so, after many conversations with the Production Team, Senior Staff and several Gen 4 Alumni I collected what I consider to be the qualities necessary to be the owner and producer of this event and began to seek out a successor who bore those qualities. I feel very grateful to announce that I have entered into a Letter of Intent to sell IMsLBB International Ms Leather / International Ms Bootblack contest weekend to Ceci Cloutier.

 For those that may not know her ( bio attached ). I will continue in the role of Executive Producer in conjunction with the Production Team of Ceci, Bianca and Dara and the amazing IMSLBB staff to produce the 2020 event. At the end of the 2020 weekend Ceci will assume the leadership and be the owner of the company.

 The Letter of Intent places Ceci in the Primary Buyer position for the next 60 days. If for any reason we do not come to a formal  agreement within that time, I  will let the community know when  I will be open to other offers. 

 Our plan moving forward is to open registration Sept 10 with the flash sale... Stay tuned we have lots of exciting news and changes to announce in the coming weeks. Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose April 16-20 2020!

Ceci Cloutier

 *A transplant from Canada, Ceci "Mademoiselle" Cloutier is a Sadistic Afro-Indigenous Dominant Femme chasing life, philosophy and adventure. She has been on various portions of her Leather journey for the past 13 years, doing so more publicly since she began visiting to the US in 2008. Education, history, hedonism and serving her various communities are her passions. In the past decade she has served as Seduction Manager for IMsLBB, on the Executive Board of the International Drag King Extravaganza, as a co-Founder of the Toronto International Burlesque Festival, as co-Founder of Seattle's Cocoa Butter, as co-Producer of the Snohomo Pride Festival and as Griot and Librarian for the Carter-Johnson Leather Library and Collection as well as its Seattle Annex. As her alter ego, Ceci My Playmate, the "Mademoiselle" has produced, choreographed, performed and managed various shows at Leather events and Pride stages in Toronto, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle, Philadelphia, Columbus, Atlanta and more. In the past 3 years, Ceci has devoted herself to the ONYX Family in various ways serving as Sergeant-at-Arms and Pledge Mistress for the Mid-Atlantic Pearls chapter (2017-2018), as Founder and President for the Seattle/PNW Pearls chapter (2018-present), and as one of the 14 Sorors and Original Pearls who founded the Onyx Pearls National Council in 2018. 

A Matriarch with a big heart and a Family to match, Ceci "Mademoiselle" Cloutier takes great pride in loving and caring for those in her charge. Alongside Patriarch, Sir Damien, she heads the Maison de Meson, sharing her life with a magnificent group of priceless and unique individuals who share her passion and hunger for knowledge. Though this keeps her constantly moving and on-the-go, she wouldn’t give it up for the world. Gratitude is a daily ritual and self-care keeps her going. Between collecting interviews with Leather Elders, attempting to tell an aural history of our Leather ancestry, and teaching a variety of classes from Poly Negotiation and Sustaining Hedonism to Taboo Edgeplay and Decorative Bloodplay, there is never a dull moment in her ever-expanding calendar. Ceci "Mademoiselle" Cloutier is looking forward to meeting you, working together as a community and taking the IMsLBB weekend to new places found only in our wildest dreams.



Gretchen - 2019 IMsBB


Haley - 2019 IMsL



Workshops are a key part of the IMsL/IMsBB Weekend and offer skills, knowledge and discussions on topics that are near and dear to all of us. The IMsL Foundation will again be leading the effort to collect workshop proposals and selecting them with a review panel. We will have intensive sessions (2.5 hours) on Friday, April 20 and 90-minute workshop over Saturday and Sunday!  We are inviting educators from around the world to join us. We will also be continuing our outreach to build programs that include our underrepresented communities: PoC, Trans Women, Under 35 and Accessibility.  Click here to cruise the class schedule and presenters!


Diversity Statement

The IMsL/IMsBB weekend should be an inclusive and sex positive space for all people. All are welcome, and racism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination have no place here. An important part of the weekend is exploring how the intersectionanality of race, class, gender, and ability affect experiences of leather, kink, and sexualities. We must make a commitment to enriching these intersectionalites not only at the weekend but throughout our communities. We will work toward this goal.

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