IMsLBB is committed to providing an inclusive environment.

We are actively seeking ways to improve our accessibility, and this page describes the currently available features of IMsLBB. Please contact us by email at if you need more information or want to discuss accessibility issues further. On-site assistance will be available at the Accessibility and Volunteers table near Registration.


Communicating Needs:

When you register for the conference, there will be yes/no questions and a free text space asking about your accessibility questions or concerns. The accessibility liaisons will email everyone who indicates accessibility needs on registration to confirm or clarify accommodations. The accessibility liaison will follow up with you to clarify your needs and provide information on the available services. You can also email the accessibility liaisons directly at


About the Event Space:

All IMsLBB events are held in a wheelchair-accessible, ADA-compliant hotel. IMsLBB events are on two floors which are connected via elevators, and there are restrooms on each level. The distances between the room elevators and the event space can be substantial; the hotel tells us the walking distance between the room elevators and the ballroom is 600-700 feet (two football fields). Chairs are placed at intervals throughout the space. The ground floor has two levels in the lobby area, which connect with a ramp or a few steps. Most of the hotel except for the main lobby is carpeted. For an overall layout of the hotel, please refer to this basic hotel map. A more detailed version of the map will be available at the Accessibility table including locations of ramps, steps, and elevators. Please note: the hotel will not allow us to offer shortcuts through the service hallways this year.


Other features of the hotel include:

Event rooms and guest rooms have doors that provide at least 32″ of clear width.

  • All public restrooms have at least one ADA-compliant stall.

  • The pool and hot tub are equipped with a lift.

  • Closed captioning is available on the televisions in hotel rooms.

  • Fire alarms throughout the hotel are audible as well as visual.

  • The main entrance has powered sliding doors, but there are no power-assist doors inside the hotel.The convention side entrance does not have power sliding doors.

Questions about obtaining an accessible hotel room or other hotel-related requests should be directed to



There are a number of food options in the area. For those who do not want to leave the event, the hotel has room service and multiple restaurants at varying price points, and delivery options are available from services such as Grub Hub, Eat 24, and Door Dash. Instacart and Amazon Prime Now both deliver to the hotel. There is an organic grocery store two miles away and a Safeway four miles away. Several restaurants are within a half mile of the hotel, although none are within a quarter mile.



  • The hotel provides a free shuttle to the San Jose airport. The shuttle can be wheelchair-accessible on request. Shuttle arrangements can be made by calling the hotel directly after obtaining your luggage. They will direct you to meet them at the hotel shuttle pickup location #10 outside Terminal B. The stop is partially shaded with some limited seating.

  • The hotel also offers parking with accessible spaces near every entrance.  
    The nearest bus stop (bus routes 86 and 10) is .2 miles away with sidewalks along the full route. The nearest light rail stop (Metro/Airport) is .6 miles away, with sidewalks along the full route.

  • Lyft and Uber both operate in the area. The hotel will also call cabs on request.

Sign Language Interpretation:

IMsLBB will provide a team of ASL interpreters for all ballroom events, and interpreters are available for all workshops on request. The registration form includes a section to request interpreters, and our accessibility liaisons will follow up to discuss the details of the request. Please notify us as early as possible so we can arrange adequate staffing of interpreters.



Accessibility to Event Spaces:

  • Passes for early entry to the ballroom will be available to those with accessibility needs and a companion at the Accessibility/Volunteer table. Seating will be open 15 minutes prior to doors open in the ballroom to provide time for attendees to be seated before the doors open.

  • All pathways in IMsLBB-controlled space will be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

  • Seating for those using wheelchairs and a companion will be available at all IMsLBB-sponsored events. Scooter parking near seats is also available.

  • Reserved seating will be available near the front for those using interpreters or with other accessibility needs.

  • All ramps, stairs, and elevators will be marked with signs.

  • A ramp will be available to the main stage.

  • Microphones will be used for all ballroom events, although they are not available for workshops.

  • Charging stations will be available for power wheelchairs and scooters.

  • No strobes or quickly flashing lights will be used at the event. Dedicated staff photographers will be using flash photography.

  • No fog machines, scented candles, or incense will be used by the event.

  • Lighting in the ballroom and dungeon areas may be dim.

  • Service animals are welcome at the event. There are grassy areas outside all exits that can be used for service animal relief.

  • The IMsLBB program will be available electronically.

  • All attendees are asked to avoid colognes, perfumes, and other scented products for the benefit of chemically sensitive attendees. However, the soap used by the hotel in the bathrooms is strongly scented, and there will be many people wearing leather and possibly latex.

  • All attendees are asked to follow the hotel's non-smoking policy. Smoking, particularly marijuana smoking, outside of the designated areas can put chemically sensitive attendees at risk.


Services Available:

  • Logistical assistance can be provided to those who would like to rent scooters - rental companies can drop scooters off in the lobby of  the hotel on Wednesday and pick them up after the event. Financial arrangements should be made by those individuals requesting scooters.

  • Ushers can provide assistance in finding seats in the ballroom and at workshops.

  • Volunteers at the accessibility table will be available to read items from the program as requested.

  • Volunteers at the accessibility table can provide a guided orientation to the event layout with prior arrangement.

  • A quiet room will be available on the second floor for those needing a quiet or semi-private space from 9-5 daily.

  • If further assistance is needed, volunteers at the accessibility table can assist in locating the accessibility liaisons.