A note from the IMsLBB Weekend Twittergirl!

Dear contestants of International Ms Leather/International Ms Bootblack(IMsLBB) 2018, contestant handlers, home teams, and the rest of you popcorn-eating voyeurs,

Hello! I want to take this moment to introduce myself. I am Leigh Ann Hildebrand, your IMsLBB Twittergirl! Because tweeting has been "in the news" lately, I wanted to take a moment to acquaint with you what I do as well as how and why I do it. Here's some things to know about my tweetin'.

1. I tweet as @TrinSF https://twitter.com/trinsf but occasionally "take over" the @IMsLeather https://twitter.com/IMsLeather twitter account to livetweet parts of the contest weekend.

2. When I use the @IMsLeather account, I use the hashtag #TrinSFtakesover so that you know what I'm up to. I don't use it for *every* tweet, but I do it enough to remind folks it's me.

3. I am on the IMsLBB social media team. My boss is the head of the social media team. I also answer to my Daddy and God, probably in that order. Ahem. (And by God, I don't mean Sharrin Spector, but I answer to her, too!)

4. Unlike some production staff and judges, I do not have access to any of your contestant application materials, speech drafts, or other information that you share with the contest producers. I tweet live, as it unfolds for me, without a net!

5. I work hard to use your pronouns, spell your names correctly, throw in your personal platform hashtags, and use your Twitter handle too, if you have one. I do all of that while balancing typing quickly and keeping up with your speeches, pop question responses, and fantasy skits.  Life moves quickly!

6. I strive to be both kind and entertaining. While I will use humor in my tweeting, is it never my intention to be deliberately hurtful. I'm like a sport color commentator! I'm like Johnny Weir in a tiara! #redundantmaybe

7. I love bacon, tiaras, and bacon. And Santa. #santaandbacon #askmeaboutMYleatherfantasy

8. I hate dubstep. #keepingitreal #Santahatesittoo

9. I started tweeting on my own as a way to let folks who couldn't attend know what was up, to sort of convey the flavor of the contest. I'm thankful to have been invited to do so in a semi-official capacity. My goal is to help folks who can't attend feel connected while giving attendees, contestants, and their crews memorable moments and shoutouts.

10. Okay, yes, I also did it because I could no longer stay complicit in the horror of dubstep-backed fantasies. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

11. I am not a judge, secret or otherwise, though I am judging you. We all are. I say that in truth but with much love, yall.

12. I cannot wait to see you all, meet you all, and take endless pictures with you all, as is my official job as the sparkle show pony and childlike empress of the Santa Clara County Leather Association -- I mean, uh, as YOUR Ms Santa Clara County Leather 2018! #notthatkindofpony #morelikeaunicorn

13. One last word -- I work hard, and I also take down time, especially on Shabbat (Friday evening through Saturday evening.) So if you respond to me in message, Twitter, whatever, and I don't get back to you, please be patient with me. I'm a volunteer, and a girl in the world trying to do good -- but I also need naps and time when I'm "off duty" and enjoying myself. #spankingneedstohappen #lotsofspanking

Lynn Starnes