2018 Event Demographics

Since there is a lot of discussion about progress and demographics and since there is a call out for information, here is it. These are the numbers that have been built on policies, awareness and growth the organization has gone through.  This doesn’t say we are done or have it solved the issues around race, age, gender and disability but the increases we have seen are part of that growth.  When we fall short, we will stand up and apologize (Sunday’s entertainer comment and not speaking up in the moment) and make changes (additional post on this and continuing discussion)

Number attended in 2018 – 768

This is the first year with the new reg system we were able to ask demographics and 508 attendees filled out the form:

Key Demographics (% of attendees): 
-          PoC  - 25.4% 
-          Trans/Gender Queer/Gender Fluid/Non-binary – 40.8%
-          Under 35 – 28.8%
-          Accessibility Needs – 21.9%

Education - 42 presenters:
-          13 (31.0%) were PoC (previous years – 2017 (25.9%), 2016 (24.0%), 2015 (26.9%), 2014 (11.4%)
-          6 (14.3%) were Trans/Gender Queer/Gender Fluid/Non-binary
-          6 (14.3%) were Under 35
-          10 (23.8%) identified with accessibility needs

Judges – 10
-          5 (50%) were PoC
-          1 (10%) was Under 35

Staff – 42 total with 18 Senior Staff planning all year long
-          8 staff are PoC  and all are on Senior Staff (44.4%)

The event is a business and I am the sole proprietor so I take responsibility for where we win and when we fail and will not stop working on change.  I have responsibility for the execution of the weekend with a budget of almost $82,000. So far it looks like we will bring in $81,000 from the registrations and merchandise. We were able to raise over $18,000 for the titleholder travel fund which is donated to the IMsL Foundation which is a 501(c)3 with a board who selects the education for the weekend and focuses on our history and future. 

Sharrin Spector
Executive Producer

Lynn Starnes