2017 Titleholders

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Elisa is your 2016 Great Lakes Bootblack and 2015 Michigan Community Bootblack and is a founder of the Detroit Area Bootblacks’ Laboratory. She is a member of the gender-inclusive Michigan Band of Brothers and holds leadership positions in the Board of Education, a kinky, pansexual educational organization in metro Detroit.

She is a radical sexual outlaw who disdains hierarchy who is best described as a contrarian leather anarchist. She is a body positive, polyamorous feminist. She is a fuzzy femme piglet who demands authentic and intimate relationships that involve degradation, objectification and pain, done with love and affection.

Connect with Elisa

Email: IMsBB2017@Imslbb.org

Facebook:  Facebook/vegasaurusrex

Step Aside Speech : https://youtu.be/A1hTqbHH21Y

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Girl Complex

Girl Complex, Ms. Alameda County Leather 2016, is a San Diego native and all around nomad who has called Atlanta, Houston, Virginia, and finally Oakland home. A leather girl at heart from the early days of childhood. She is an out and proud closet femme (at least she thinks she is a closet femme). She enjoys spending time in the presence of leather men and being a bridge between the women’s and men’s communities. She is passionate about literacy and representing for under-represented communities. She is proud to be the 25th Ms. Alameda County Leather.

Connect with Girl Complex

Email: IMsL2017@imslbb.org

Facebook: Facebook/YourGirlComplex

Step Aside Speech: https://youtu.be/l8lxjVRbDcw