First, thank you for taking the time to read, prepare and submit your workshop for the IMsL/IMsBB Weekend. We know that this is a labor of love and we could not present the top workshops for leather/kink/BDSM women and those who love them without you. We have been able to find a few other ways to thank you as well as we recognize the additional hours it takes to put on a quality workshop. The IMsL Foundation will strive to do more each year but here are the benefits for the 2019 Weekend:


●     If you are a first time or returning presenter or co-presenter: Each workshop can receive up to two (2) complimentary basic registrations for the weekend: one for the Lead Presenter and one for one Co-Presenter. If you are conducting a panel, we will provide up to four (4) complimentary basic registrations. To qualify for these registrations, both Presenter/Co-Presenter or all members of the panel must be included in the workshop submission. You are welcome to add presenters later in the process, but we will not be able to provide them the complimentary registrations.


●     If you are a returning presenter who was one of the top-rated presenter from last year, the Education Coordinators will contact you with the details on your honorarium for this year. You will still need to list your Presenter/Co-Presenter and panel members for this year and be selected as part of the workshop review process.


●     If you have a demo bottom you are planning to use in your workshop (integral to the course but not teaching the material - just there for you to demonstrate your skills on), complimentary registrations are not offered. What we can offer them is credit toward their volunteer hours to reduce the cost of their registration for the weekend. They would receive two (2) hours credit for volunteering as a demo bottom.  The Education Coordinators will provide the authorization for these hours to the volunteer coordinator. If possible, if you can list them on your workshop proposal at the time of submission, this would be great. They would also need to go through the Volunteers application process to receive this credit by reaching out to


●     A couple of other notes for all workshop proposal submitters:


○     Presenter registrations are not cumulative (for example, teaching two classes does not equal two registration packages). These are also not transferrable. If you are an alumni, vendor, sponsor or judges, your coordinators will work with you to determine which benefit is best for you, but you cannot combine the packages!


○     The IMsL Foundation began a program in 2015 to offer a stipend to the presenters who scored the highest in the evaluations from the previous year. The first year we selected the top 25% of presenters and in 2016, we expanded this program to the top 50% of presenters in 2017 and continue this program into 2019.  It is important that during your workshop there is an accurate count of attendees and that you encourage attendees to fill out the evaluation forms at the end. If a top-rated presenter submits a workshop for 2019 and it is accepted, the presenter may choose either cash ($125) or have one free night for their hotel room (at the event rate) for their stay. Also, if this is the second year as a top presenter, we will be offering a +1-basic registration package for those presenters who have excelled over the last 2 years!  We hope to grow this program and provide even more benefits for all presenters, but we hope you will be one of the ones who will qualify for next year’s program!

○     We are working with several groups to create expanded scholarships for presenters that would cover hotel nights, but these would be awarded on a case by case basis. Otherwise, new presenters would only receive the basic registration for accepted workshops.