At the end of each workshop, participants are asked to fill out a feedback form, in which they are asked to rate the following aspects as Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor (4-point scale):

  1. The presenter has in-depth knowledge of the topic.

  2. The presenter was well prepared.

  3. The presenter was welcoming and used inclusive language.

  4. The presenter kept my interest.

  5. The presenter managed the group effectively.

  6. I had an opportunity to participate.

  7. The content presented matched the program description.

  8. I would recommend this workshop to a friend.

  9. Do you have any additional comments on this workshop?

  10. Would you like to suggest a topic for the IMsL/IMsBB Weekend 2019?

These scores and comments are compiled and will be sent to the presenters after the event. This process has two goals:

●     Provide the presenters with feedback about their workshop and help develop a stronger cadre of educators, not just at the IMsLBB Weekend but throughout the community. The presenters can include these data, if they wish, in submission to other events for example.

●     A rating system for the Education Team to gauge the responses to how the presenter did. We do create a rating system for presenters, that is not shared, but does provide us with a measure to consider for the following year to invite back presenters and to say thank you with incentives (see benefits below).