Education Guidelines - Purpose

One of the key goals for the IMsL Foundation is to promote education for the women’s community. We believe that Education is a cornerstone to community building as sharing skills, knowledge and experience with like-minded folks is a powerful way to bring people together. We strive to bring together a diverse group of presenters who can present a wide array of learning experiences for our attendees at the IMsLBB Weekend.

Workshops are also an opportunity for presenters to hone their preparation and presentation skills. We would like to see you challenge yourself to present a workshop that reflects the best of your abilities!

Starting in 2016, the IMsL Foundation, with their focus on education, began coordinating all the workshops for the event. Some of the enhancements that will be seen in this policy for 2019 are based on attendee feedback from the 2014 - 2018 IMsLBB Weekends and the work of our amazing volunteer Education Coordinators and team.