Selection Criteria

A workshop is an opportunity for the participants to learn something – a concept, a skill, something about themselves, or something about others. It is also an opportunity to network, to make new connections, and to solidify existing ones.

Workshops have been part of the IMsLBB Weekend for years. Over 780 leather/kink/BDSM women and those who love them come together for the weekend from all over the world. For many, this is their first experience attending a major event of this size and they are looking to build a foundation with skills and concepts at the beginner level. For others, they have attended for years and want to learn something new, different or at an advanced level. Most prefer skill-based classes that provide them with take-aways they can use, but many also want to address new ideas and international perspectives on their own communities. The audience is diverse, and the event seeks to attract a wide range of experience, demographics and desires. Based on this diverse audience, to foster this diversity, we are looking for workshops that feature new topics, vary in content, and/or employ differing skill levels. Consider creating workshops that may not have taught before or push your existing workshops to the next level!

You have the option to present by yourself, to co-present or to create a panel but the focus should be on what the audience gets from your workshop. This is your chance to influence the opinions, discussions and play of our community. The impact of an outstanding workshop can influence communities around the world. Ready for the challenge? Here are the criteria used to review your workshop:

These are the general things we are looking for:

●     Is the topic likely to be of interest to the attendees?

●     Is it different from the other workshop submissions?

●     Is this an intermediate or advanced workshop?

●     Is it a skill-based workshop?

●     Is the presenter experienced and knowledgeable of this topic based on education, previous workshops and community-based experience?

●     Does the structure of the workshop include a significant learning activity (such as game, focused discussions, demos, opportunities to "do" things)?

●     Does the structure of the workshop provide for an opportunity to exchange with others?

●     Is the submission complete and accurate, including picture and bio?

●     Has IMsL Productions or IMsL Foundation worked with the presenter before and what was the experience?  What were the scores and comments from previous workshops?

●     Have they presented workshops at other events within or outside their home community? Do they have good references?


Additionally, the IMsLBB Weekend is committed to reducing the impact of “ISMs” in our communities and, as mentioned earlier, to see the diversity of our community reflected in our workshops.  We encourage presenters who are part of the underrepresented communities we have identified through our surveys (People of Color, Trans Women, People Under 35 and the Accessibility community) to submit workshop proposals.  We also want all our presenters to be aware of how the “ISMs” can impact their content in all the workshops.  We cannot stress this enough, as this is an active and sometimes, a deciding factor in the selection of one workshop over another.  Please consider how your workshop will address the following focal points. The following criteria reflect that continuing focus in 2019:

●     Does the presenter’s proposal reflect awareness, sensitivity and inclusion of People of Color, Trans Women, Under 35 and/or Accessibility communities?

●     Is this a workshop that would be of interest to a Person of Color, a Trans Woman, a Person Under 35 and/or a Person in the Accessibility community?

●     Is the presenter themselves a Person of Color, a Trans Woman, a Person Under 35 and/or a Person in the Accessibility community?


Note: We will be talking about these criteria in the November and the March workshop meetings (if your workshop is selected, you will be invited to join).  We will post the recordings from 2018 so that you can review these guidelines before you submit a workshop on how to create a more inclusive workshop. If you have questions or would like to talk in more detail about creating safe space for our underrepresented communities, you can reach out to the Education Committee ( or our liaisons:

POC:                          Lizette

Trans Women:          slave tabitha

People Under 35:     Jewel

Accessibility:             Mara/Deborah


You will see that in the workshop proposal, you have the option to complete the demographics portion as part of the submission form. The Education Committee will have this demographic information during the review process, which is considered if you are part of one of the underserved communities as part of the selection scoring.

If you have taught before, your workshop scores and comments from previous years will also be considered in the selection decisions.