Workshop Notification

Notifications will be sent out to all presenters on November 15, 2017. This phase is usually done in two parts: a first set of selection emails is sent out by the Education Coordinators. The review scores and comments will also be forwarded to the presenters. This is a chance to update any content areas based on the review comments (no changes to presenters however!)

Presenters will be asked to confirm their intention to present by November 30, 2017 and receive additional steps at that time to complete as a “confirmed” workshop. Once all checklist items are complete, the presenter/s will receive registration information. Presenters should also book their hotel rooms at any time during this process but should have reservations complete by January to avoid the hotel selling out.

Presenters may also be asked if they would be willing to be added to a wait list in case of cancellations and will be notified as soon as a decision is made. To avoid price increases in registration, wait list presenters should register at the current rate and make their hotel reservations for the best pricing. If selected to present, your basic registration fee would be reimbursed.

If your workshop is not selected, we hope you will still plan to attend the weekend, and please register and make your hotel reservations for the best possible pricing. Also consider teaching as part of 12T workshops to gain experience and a possible workshop slot for the next year. Another great option, if you’re watching costs, is to consider volunteering!