Workshop Selection Process

Once the Workshop Submission process closes on November 12, the submissions will be compiled and sent to the review committee. The Review Committee is composed of the Education Coordinators (Julie Spanks & Lenny), the Board President of the IMsL Foundation (Pat Baillie), the Executive Producer of IMsL Productions (Sharrin Spector), Education Foundation Board Member (Tony) and the People of Color, Under 35, Trans Women and Accessibility (Lizette, slave tabitha, Mara/Deborah, Jewel) Liaisons. They will review the following parts of your workshop application:

●     Title

●     Description

●     Type of workshop

●     Level

●     Track


●     Learning objectives

●     Outline

●     Diversity


●     Presenter/s scene name & bio

●     Demographic data


The review committee will take approximately one week to review, score and comment on each workshop. Once the individual review is complete, the committee will meet in November and discuss the scoring and ranking on each workshop to create a final list for the IMsLBB Weekend. These will be the criteria they will use to score the workshop from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) on each criterium.

●     From the description provided, do you think that this workshop topic would be of interest to attendees? Is it clear what it's about?

●     Is the workshop topic original and/or unique?

●     Would this workshop make a significant contribution to the event?


●     Do you have a good sense of what participants will learn in the workshop?

●     Is there a clear outline for the workshop?

●     Does this workshop reflect an outreach to underrepresented communities (People of Color, Under 35, Trans Women, Accessibility)?


●     From their bio/s, do the presenter/s seem knowledgeable on the topic?

●     Do you feel that the presenter/s would be good instructors?

●     Open comments section