Expenses Category

2016 Budget

Month Bills (storage, bank, supplies) $2500

Admin Costs (Web, LLC, taxes)        $8500

Event Costs 

  • Advertising (ads, cards, posters, program) $3200

  • Hotel (insurance, rooms, F&B) $197,000*

  • Ballroom (sounds, lights, stage) $22,000

  • Registration (badges, fees) $5500

  • Awards/Hospitality $4600**

  • Contracts/rentals (radios, interpreters) $11,000**

TOTAL                   $283,100

* Offset by rooms booked at the hotel by attendees (see income)
** Offset in some areas by sponsors/donations/volunteers (see income)

 Income Category

2016 Budget*

Registrations (all levels)                                   $66,000

Sleep Rooms (attendees booking rooms)         $65,000

Sales (merchandise, ads, vendors, contestants) $13,000

Sponsors (cash & in kind)                                $14,500

TOTAL                     $158,500

NOTE:  All monies raised at Seduction and Silent Auction/Raffle are donated directly to the IMsL Foundation/Titleholder Travel fund and are not considered as income for IMsL Productions LLC to run the IMsL/IMsBB Weekend.