Are there guidelines or a code of conduct for the event?

We have created this year guidelines to create a common ground of expectations for attendees to use. We come together for a good time and what we know as the leather community is changing. To that end, we need to work together to honor those different paths. We are just beginning to build these guidelines but we will ask attendees to respect each other. We will expect each attendee, staff member, and contest participants to use these key beliefs as a baseline we share as we strive to treat each other with respect. Those who cannot comply with these basic precepts can be grounds for being asked to leave the event:

  • Consensual exchange of power
  • Expectation to be free from harassment and judgement
  • Trusting that as we enter interactions we do so with the best of intent and integrity
  • That our private experiences at the event remain confidential and our story to tell
  • Wanting to share activities with others who are like minded and seek the freedom to be themselves
  • Eroticizing power via dominance & submission
  • Encouraging role playing or fantasy
  • Exploring a full range intense sensory stimulation and/or physical restriction

Be accountable to each other, treat others with dignity and allow each individual to have an amazing time. Please come together for a hot fun time but remember to take personal responsibility to set, maintain and communicate your personal boundaries, and take personal responsibility to remove yourself from situations that exceed those limits for you. We encourage finding ways to enhance trust, communication and intimacy and create your own erotic power![/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What should I bring?” open=”false”]

How many suitcases can you fill up? There are uniform parties, major gala event which you can dress up for, play party space to bring your gear and everything in between. Within the hotel, you need to be “street legal” (see definition) but in the play spaces nudity is totally acceptable. Bring your own toys in case you meet someone you want to play with. Many organizations and groups host hospitality parties and you are welcome to join in those themes. Have another look or image you would like to try out. Bring it! You will see everything form high femme to stone butch so add you look into the weekend.