Haus of Complex - By Girl Complex - IMsL 2017

Many, many, many moons ago before I found the leather community I had the black Queer community. The community had balls and houses. The houses were places that queer and trans kids could find refuge when they were kicked out of their family of origin. I was inspired by the houses and I knew one day I to was going to have a house. I had aspired to be Den Mother Overness DeVore of The House of DeVore (yes the house names must be French because....don't ask why, it just has to be French) and names like Overness well has to be ridiculous because that is what Houses did! 

While Den Mother Overness DeVore may not be the name I choose. Haus of Complex - Complex Family is the House that I have and I could not be more proud. 

The people in this photo have been dubbed The Cringe Contingency.  Throughout the evening these folks while not sitting next to each other could be found cringing at the same things at the same time.  

For references please see Paris Is Burning 

#GirlComplex #DenMotherGirlComplexRidiculous

Yes there is a Complex for all the folks there 

Lynn Starnes