More things not to miss...

2018 IMsL/IMsBB Poster Signing

Autographing the run poster for 2018 in the Gateway Foyer after the brunch on Sunday from 12-12:30pm. Also check the center of your program to find the commemorative IMsBB poster and get the alumni attending to autograph your poster all weekend long!

Step & Go Photo Wall (Gateway Foyer)

IMsL/IMsBB Weekend Staff photographers will be taking pics in front of the IMsBB logo wall. Get pictures of yourself, your family, your club or your newest BFF! Thursday before Seduction, Friday and Saturday before the contest and during the intermission on Saturday. You can also get photos taken during the Onyx Party on Saturday night!

Queer Happy Hour (Gateway Foyer - 2nd Floor)

Start the weekend off on Thursday night from 6:00pm-9:00pm.  No Host Beer & Wine Bar, Step & Go Photo Wall, IMsBB 2017 Elisa’s Last Shine and the IMsBB 2018 Contestant Technical Boot Shine are all part of the party.  Check out the Candy Girls who have sweet treats for you and get a chance to purchase auction giveaway tickets for our grand prizes! And, meet your friends and make new ones for the weekend!

Liaison’s Hospitality Space  (Riesling - Wine Rooms on the 2nd floor for receptions)

The staff liaisons for the Under-35, People of Color, Trans Women and Accessibility communities have announced their programming for 2018. Start off on Friday morning at 10:00am in the Chardonnay room for the Under 35 reception and meet with Jewel.  An Accessibility Meet Up will be Friday at 3:30pm with Deborah Hoffman Wade and Mara and Trans Women hosted by slave tabitha will gather on Saturday at 9:30am.  The POC caucuses with Butch will meet on Friday from 4:45-6:30pm and Saturday from 4:30-6:00pm.  Additionally, there will be a quiet room hosted by Mara in the Riesling room during the day from 9:00am-5:00pm.  After the success last year of the anti-racism pamphlet, each of the liaison groups will not host a social time but ask for community inputs to create best practices when liaison groups attend events.

Recovery Meetings - Boardroom

Join others who identify as BDSM/Kink/Leather Lifestyle people who are in recovery from addictions or unhealthy patterns of living/thought at our daily meetings. The meetings are based on the 12 steps of recovery. Come be part of our fellowship!

Newcomer Orientation Friday - (San Juan 9:00am) and Saturday (Sierra - 8:30am)

Stop in for this 30-45-minute orientation to the IMsBB weekend. A little history, some ways to plan your weekend and what you need to know to create you fantasy weekend.  Come to the play space and get ready to meet other who are attending the weekend!  Time for questions and, of course, networking! Whether it was

IMsL/IMsBB Contest – Gateway Ballroom and Bootblack Lounge

Starting Thursday night, you can meet the contestants before Seduction and watch the IMsBB contestants do their technical shine.  Friday morning you can attend the open interviews for the IMsBB and watch them shine in the Bootblack Lounge and vote with your commemorative coin on the best tech boot on display (ask kd & Nick about this part of the contest!).  Friday night is our opening where you met the contestants and will see them compete in the speech/formal wear category.  On Saturday morning, come to the IMsL interviews, more bootblacking and then the finals of the contest with the pop questions and IMsL Fantasy performances.

Workshops – Sierra, San Juan, San Simeon, San Martin, San Carlos and the Boardroom over by the hospitality area.

This year we have added an additional intensive on Thursday that is a separate ticket event.  All the rest of education session start on Friday through Sunday.  During each workshop session there is a choice between and intensive dive of 2.5 hours or you can select 90 minutes session.  On Friday, there is one morning and one afternoon session with the world premiere of the movie Shiners hosted by Ms V. On Saturday, there is a morning and afternoon session with Inside the Leather Jacket the celebrates our history during lunch.  Sunday after brunch there is just one workshop session along with some skill share opportunities in the Bootblack Lounge. There are almost 40 workshops so come increase your skills, learn a new one or get a chance to expand your understanding.  Please be on time for the workshops and try not to leave early.  Turn off your cell phones and be sure to fill out the survey form at the end.  We take your feedback seriously and supports our presenters. 

Meet Ups

Besides the Liaison receptions, there will also be a Men’s Meet up reception on Friday at 5:30pm in the hotel bar.  There will also be a Veterans/Active Duty meet up at 6:00pm in the bar.  On Sunday, there will be a Sex Worker Meetup at 12:15pm in the Boardroom.

Pet Park – Gateway Foyer

Bring your gear and come hang out at the Park!  All pets, bring your owners and hang out.  There will be 2 moshes over the weekend, one on Friday at 3:00pm in the Playspace and then on Sunday from 1:00pm - 3:00pm in the Park (PG version).  The space will be open the rest of the weekend from 9:00am-5:00pm so come relax and enjoy!

Media/Interview Room – Zinfandel by appointment

Our media representatives are welcome to use this space to get the word out or conduct interviews.  Keep an eye out for WILL in the house looking to hear your story and capture our history.  Each of us has our story and they are all an important part of our community!

IMsL Foundation Raffle – drawn on Saturday at the contest

In addition to Seduction and Silent Auction that raises fund for the IMsL/IMsBB travel fund, there is also a raffle that goes on all weekend.  You buy the tickets for $1 Each, 6 for $5 or $20 for the erotic measurement of your choice. There will be buckets for each raffle item and you can divide up your tickets or put them all in one bucket.  You decide which one you want and then wait to see if you win!

Press and Producer Events

Be sure to check in at registration for press conferences and producer networking opportunities over the weekend. If your community is interested in starting a women’s event, be sure to talk to either Sharrin as part of IMsLBB Productions or any of the IMsL Foundation board members.

IMsL Productions LLC

Headed by Sharrin Spector, Executive Producer, the staff and volunteers put on the weekend for us to enjoy.  Logistics/Security is in the Silicon Valley room upstairs near the Gateway Ballroom.  Registration is right below in the Bayshore Foyer.  Check out the map for more information on the play space, vending, education and hospitality rooms!  Watch for the signs and thank our staff and volunteers for creating this space!

IMsL Foundation

The IMsL Foundation is a 501(c)3 that was created to support women leadership development, develop educational opportunities and archive our history.  As the charity of choice of IMsL Productions, the IMsL Foundation maintains the travel fund for the titleholders and provides grants to communities to develop more opportunities for women! If you are interested in finding out more, talk to any of the board members and consider joining this working board!

Club colors and current titleholders

On Friday night, all clubs and organizations will be asked to submit their logos electronically and will be shown on stage.  Then on Saturday night at Intermission, we invite your club rep to the stage for our club photo. Don’t miss out. 

For current titleholders you will be invited to introduce yourself with your name and title on Friday night.  Stay on stage for a group picture.  Line up should be local and city/state titles first, then regional representative and finally international titleholders.  Keep an eye out for Girl Complex/Elisa at the end of the line and congratulate them on a great year!