Does IMsLBB Productions LLC have a commitment cultural competency and diversity?

Those who have held the titles of IMsL/IMsBB represent ALL kinds of diversity and represent the foundation of our mission and beliefs. For example, one-third of the IMsL/IMsBB titleholders have been Leather women of color. The event is open to everyone and we strive to create a community that is inclusive on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, sex, dis/ability, religion, gender expression or identity, class, size, relationship style or family status. When we come together we work to respect all racial, ethnic and cultural issues and have a zero tolerance for language and actions that do not adhere to a standard of respect. Since taking over as Executive Producer, Sharrin Spector, has worked to create a diverse staff. Our outreach for contestants, educators and performers reflects the same awareness and we are creating opportunities for all community members to gain experience to become educators and contestants in future years. Addressing the economic challenges, scholarships have been provided to ensure access regardless of income. Additionally in 2016, three under represented communities will be represented by liaisons (People of Color, Under-35, and Trans Women) on the year round planning staff. We are committed to continue to work to become aware of and inform our decision making with actions that address the “-isms” that impact not only this event but our larger leather community. There will be a special lunch panel on Friday entitled “ISMs in the Women’s Leather Community” We believe in our human and sexual freedom rights and strive for solidarity to achieve that freedom to express ourselves. The weekend creates opportunities to grow our community. We invite your voices to join us at the IMsL/IMsBB weekend and make this community a home for EVERYONE.