Tally Sir & boy

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Lolita Wolf - (she/her/Sir!)

Creepy, kooky, kinky, queer Princess who discovered the BDSM scene when “online” meant phone sex lines. She has judged, organized education, emceed, keynoted and taught at various IMsLBB events. Emeritus Board Member TES, former Chair LSM, honorary member GMSMA, founding board member LLC. International Little Miss Littles 2010.



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boy Jason - (he, him, they, them)

boy Jason is an empathic, neurodivergent service boy who is passionate about advocacy and attempting to do work around intersectionality, marginalized folk, mental health, and consent. He is an associate member of GDI Outlaws, Titans of the Midwest, and the Windy City boys Club. He has worked all over human services as a social worker and in other roles. Recently relocating to Chicago, he continues his voracious appetite for tacos, social justice, and Daddies.