Keynote  - Barbara Carrellas

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author, artist, innovator, instigator and thought leader in the fields of sex, gender and spirit.

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Barbara brings a holistic, metaphysical, practical, humorous, entertaining and gender-fluid approach to conscious sexuality and to all her work. She began her work in metaphysics and conscious sexuality during the AIDS crisis in the late 1980’s—a time when the connections between sex, spirit and healing were at their most strained. Barbara has facilitated countless healing circles and support groups for women, men, trans and non-binary people, artists, people with life-threatening illnesses and people with HIV/AIDS. For four years she was a facilitator for and on the Board of Directors of the New York Healing Circle, which was founded in response to the AIDS crisis and incorporated the principles of Louise Hay’s work. As her workshops grew in popularity and in attendance, her work expanded to include people from all walks of life and in all stages of sexual evolution.

The more Barbara explored sex and consciousness, the more she saw the possibilities for healing and expanded consciousness in all forms of “sacred” practices, including Tantra, Tao, Quodoushka, Reiki, breathwork, metaphysics, performance, ritual, herbal medicine, bodywork, erotic massage, commercial sex work and BDSM. Her books and her workshops are an eclectic mix of sexual and spiritual practices designed to encourage readers and participants of all sexual preferences and genders to expand their capacity for both pleasure and spiritual fulfillment.

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Brunch Entertainment - Kitten on the Keys

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Suzanne Ramsey aka Kitten on the Keys is an award winning  Bay Area Native who has toured extensively through the US and Europe. Her songbook is deep and wide. Pianist, and singer- she plays a hodge podge of styles and eras. Kitschy Cabaret Originals, bawdy Blues, unexpected covers, and forgotten Tin Pan Alley gems of yesteryear. Vibrant, vivacious, and super fun.

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