The Vendor Market

Poolside rooms, 1st Floor

Shop! Shop! Shop! IMsLBB Weekend creates a mall where you can shop for your next toy, get tattooed, order your custom boots and find that perfect gift for the weekend. The vendor area is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Keep an eye out for our hallway pop-up stores and stop by the Leather Archives display over the weekend in the hallway!

Just added! Corset Lacing and Tightening

Presented by Dark Garden Corsetry

Friday 3:00pm or Saturday 11:00am  - In the Vending Area 

Ever wonder about the perfect technique for that evenly closed corset sculpting the body? Gotten yourself tangled up in laces and really thought, “Well. This isn’t a sneaker.” Bypassed an amazing outfit because you weren’t quite sure how to get into it (or out of it!) We’ve got the answer. 

You might be self-lacing or simply skill building to help others, or you’re wanting this done for you, and done well. Our Vendor, Dark Garden Corsetry will host 2 workshops for Correct Lacing and Tightening. Just in time for all of those outfits! Join us at the vending area on Friday at 3pm or Saturday at 11am to get the skills to perfect your technique. 

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  • Justin Sayne Leather


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