Volunteer for IMsLBB 2019!

Volunteer Registration is now open and will close on 4/7/2019.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 IMsLBB event! We are excited to have you join us, and appreciate your help in making the event run smoothly (and with a lot of fun) each year!

For our returning volunteers: we’ll be making a few more changes this year based on your feedback.

Discounts for volunteering:

Discount does not apply to the Early Bird registration or day passes, and does not include the teeny tiny processing fee.

Volunteer registration costs will not rise with the increase in prices for tickets.

4 hours 25% off you pay $126.75 for a basic package

8-11.5 hours 50% off you pay $84.50 for a basic package

12-15.5 hours 75% off you pay $42.25 for a basic package

16+ hours 100% off you pay $0.00 for a basic package

You’ll also get swag, and that will vary based on when you register (because deadlines with merchants are a thing)! What is the swag, you ask? We don’t know yet! But it’ll be amazing.

Here’s how this works:

You go to here to sign up to volunteer: http://internationalmsleather.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=28831

You pick your own volunteer shifts and schedule. Schedules for some areas are likely to shift as the full event schedule is finalized. Class and event schedules are not released until much closer to the event.

You enter your personal information so we may contact you. Once you hit submit you will get an automated email giving you a link to check or change your schedule if needed.

We send you an email with your personalized discount code and further instructions on how to finish registering for the event.

You follow the instructions in that email and get yourself registered in the eventbrite system.

Closer to the event we send you all the info you need to know, like job descriptions, contact info for your team leads, a map of the hotel, and what swag you qualify for based on your registration date (the sooner you complete your registration, the more awesome the swag).

Perks of volunteering:

Free Swag!  Pizza party just for you on Sunday! More perks we’ll tell you about later when we figure them out!

Meet people while also having a ‘home base’ (yeah, we’re also introverts)!

Help the event/community! As a volunteer you’re helping to make the event accessible, welcoming, and meaningful for everyone. That’s big, and we really appreciate your help!

Other things to help you with your shifts: Your volunteer schedule will be printed for you to put on the back of your badge, no memory required. You’ll also get your schedule, a map of the hotel, instructions on where to go and what to do, and more sent to you via email before the event. Online and onsite volunteer orientation sessions will be held too, more on that later.

Now for the serious parts-  

Anyone not registered one full week out from the event will be dropped from the volunteer list and have to pay full price for entry. Don't worry, we'll remind you to register many many times in the last month before the event.

Your commitment to volunteer is valuable and important. IMsLBB is dependent on volunteers for its success and we will do everything we can to help you be successful as a volunteer. When a volunteer doesn’t show up to an assigned shift, it makes things a lot more difficult for a lot of folks. Failing to report to your assigned shifts will either need to make up the shift or will be charged the rate difference at the highest price.

All rules of conduct apply to all volunteers- basically, don't be a jerk and have fun!

Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you!

Contact us at volunteers@imslbb.org if you have any questions!