Gretchen - 2019 IMsBB


Haley - 2019 IMsL



Workshops are a key part of the IMsL/IMsBB Weekend and offer skills, knowledge and discussions on topics that are near and dear to all of us. The IMsL Foundation will again be leading the effort to collect workshop proposals and selecting them with a review panel. We will have intensive sessions (2.5 hours) on Friday, April 20 and 90-minute workshop over Saturday and Sunday!  We are inviting educators from around the world to join us. We will also be continuing our outreach to build programs that include our underrepresented communities: PoC, Trans Women, Under 35 and Accessibility.  Click here to cruise the class schedule and presenters!


Diversity Statement

The IMsL/IMsBB weekend should be an inclusive and sex positive space for all people. All are welcome, and racism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination have no place here. An important part of the weekend is exploring how the intersectionanality of race, class, gender, and ability affect experiences of leather, kink, and sexualities. We must make a commitment to enriching these intersectionalites not only at the weekend but throughout our communities. We will work toward this goal.

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