9:00am - 5:00pm Retired Leather, Preservation and Conservation Master Class by Leslie Anderson



Room                    Time                                      Workshop

San Juan               9:00am-10:15pm             Weekend/Newcomer's Orientation - Pat/Tony 

San Carlos            9:30am-12:00pm             Consent and You: Dealing with the Intricacies of Consent (Sar) - Intermediate 

San Martin            10:30am-12:00pm           Submissives Supporting Submissives (Arli)

San Juan              10:30am-12:00pm           Dropping the Hint, Not the Ball! Flirting 101 (Andre Shakti) - Beginner

Playspace            10:30am-12:00pm                   

San Carlos            12:15pm-1:45pm              Shiners Video Screening - Ms V                               

San Carlos              2:00pm 4:30pm                 Protocols:  A writing workshop (Loren Quon)- Intermediate

San Martin              2:00pm 3:30pm                 The Kinky Librarian (Pony)

San Juan                2:00pm 3:30pm                 Kink Magic 101 (Ashley Young)- Beginner

San Simeon            2:00pm-3:30pm                 Hey, How Did Race Get In My Play?! (Coco) – Beginner

Boardroom             2:00pm-3:30pm                 The Hook Up Joint (Steven/Cricket) 

Playspace              2:00pm 3:30pm                  Blood XXXstream (Dr Danger/Sid) - Advanced


Bootblack Lounge            2:00pm 3:30pm


San Carlos           3:45pm 5:45pm                 Definitely Not Your Parents’ Porn (Q) - Beginner

San Juan              4:45pm 6:30pm                 PoC Caucus


San Juan              9:00am-10:15pm              Weekend/Newcomer's Orientation - Shilo

San Carlos           9:30am-12:00pm              Visible! A Social Media Intensive (Patty/Tyesha) - Beginner

San Martin           10:30am-12:00pm             Being Asexual in a Highly Sexual Community (slave tabitha) 

San Juan             10:30am-12:00pm            Put a Spark in Your Play! (Lascivious) - Beginner

Playspace            10:30am-12:00pm            Breathe in the Passion of the Whip (DaddyCrone Leenie) 


San Carlos           12:15pm-1:45pm              Inside the Leather Jacket (Sarah Humble with Lainy/Julia)


San Carlos           2:00pm-4:30pm                Confronting Racism in the Leather Community: Skillshare (Fruity/Rocket) 

San Martin           2:00pm- 3:30pm               How to be HOT: A Hands-On Teacher (Rae/Kerrick)

San Juan             2:00pm-3:30pm                Bootblacking as Jazz Improvisation- (Ms V) - Advanced

Boardroom           2:00pm-4:00pm                Divided we fall: Community, Activism, Empowerment Within the Sex Industry -(Andre)

Playspace            2:00pm-3:30pm                 Improv for Kinksters! (Juicebox) - Beginner


Bootblack Lounge            2:00pm 3:30pm


San Carlos           3:45pm-5:45pm                 IMsBB Panel (alumni)

San Juan              4:45pm-6:30pm                 PoC Caucus (TBD)


San Juan              9:00am-10:15pm              Keynote Address


Playspace            10:30am-12:00pm  


San Carlos            12:15pm-1:45pm             Radical Rehabilitation, Dungeon Style (Ms. WillowKat/Madame Butterfly/Aren)- Intermediate

San Juan              12:15pm-1:45pm             Community in Context: Challenging Connections (Pawlish) - Intermediate

Playspace             12:15pm-1:45pm              Barrel race, Pole Bending, Pony Express, Stake Race (Miss Ann)- Beginner

San Martin            12:15pm-1:45pm               Fisting For Every Body (Dr Evil/Julie Spanks)- Advanced

Cedar                    12:15pm-1:45pm              TBA


San Simeon          12:30pm-3:00pm              The Story of ONYX: Intentional Diversity (Mufasa Ali) 


San Martin           2:00pm-3:30pm                 The Other Side of Leadership-Followership as a Calling (Ms V) - Beginner

San Juan             2:00pm-3:30pm                 The Greedy Pig Battles the Green-eyed Monster (Lolita Wolf) 

Cedar                   2:00pm-3:30pm                The Art of Disrobing for the Bedroom or Playspace (LasciviousJane) - Beginner

Playspace            2:00pm 3:30pm                You're A Filthy Little Aren't You? Dark Ageplay 101 (Bri Burning)- Intermediate


Bootblack Lounge            2:00pm 3:30pm                 Bootlab (Bootblack Lounge)

Hospitality Patio               3:00pm-4:30pm               Herfers Unite (Ingnixia)