Please note, education workshops are subject to change prior to event weekend. Please check back for final schedule. Click on the class name for a description and the presenter.


9:30am - 4:30pm Consent Institute with Elisa


Room                    Time                                      Workshop

San Juan               9:00am-10:30pm            D/s - Responsibilities of Ownership/Being Owned

San Carlos            9:00am-10:30pm             Relationship Anarchy & Mapping Connections: Atoms, Vines, Constellations, Bus Lines

San Martin            9:00am-10:30pm            Ritual Writing for relationship building

Playspace            9:00am-10:30pm           Catharsis: The Power of Release Through Play  


San Carlos            10:45am-12:15pm            Hot, Slick, and Smooth - Straight Razor Shave                              

San Martin            10:45am-12:15pm           Road to IMsLBB -- From Southern Hemisphere to San Jose

San Juan               10:45am-12:15pm          Trans: No Holds Barred

Playspace 10:45am-12:15pm Have your cake and eat it too!

Playspace              1:15pm 2:45pm             Rope Basics for Every(Body) - Inclusive and Accessible Rope Bondage

San Martin            1:15pm 2:45pm            D/s -In the Beginning: First Steps in M/s                            

San Juan           1:15pm 2:45pm          Kink Magic 101

San Carlos             1:15pm 2:45pm          Fisting For Every Body

San Carlos            3:00pm-4:30pm           Costuming the Scene...perhaps Versailles, or can create sensuality                    

San Martin            3:00pm-4:30pm          Changing Trajectory-managing the moments when you realize you've changed!

San Juan              3:00pm-4:30pm          Non-Monogamy and Socio-Economic Class

Playspace 3:00pm-4:30pm Hot with our Hands and Non-Verbal Play

San Juan              4:45pm-6:30pm          POC Caucus


San Juan              9:00am-10:30pm            D/s - Service: Giving & Receiving

San Carlos           9:00am-10:30pm             Whip Workshop: Experience Passion, Joy, Fear and Healing

San Martin          9:00am-10:30pm            History of Bootblacks in Australia- Claiming our space!

San Simeon 9:00am-10:30pm  Put a Boot in it!

Playspace            9:00am-10:30pm           The Pet Play Psyche: Domestic vs. Feral


San Carlos           10:45am-12:15pm            Hello Dolly! Radical Affirmation Through Dollification Play

San Martin           10:45am-12:15pm            99 Cent Store Toy Bag, kinky on a budget

San Juan             10:45am-12:15pm             Pain Lab

San Simeon         10:45am-12:15pm             Rattling Gender Constructs- A Non-Binary person of Leather Panel

Playspace           10:45am-12:15pm              It’s all in the Wrist

San Carlos           12:30pm-2:00pm              Inside the Leather Jacket (Sarah Humble)

San Simeon         2:15pm-3:45pm                The Art of Erotic Dance: Sensual Dance, Striptease & Lapdancing

Playspace            2:15pm-3:45pm                Splatter: Blood Play and Play Piercings

San Carlos           2:15pm-3:45pm                Creating Yourself as a Pony on a Budget

San Martin          2:15pm-3:45pm                D/s - Subtle D/s: Inconspicuous ways to be kinky

San Juan             2:15pm-3:45pm              Parenting While Kinky - closed discussion for parents/guardians of minors

San Juan              4:00pm-6:30pm                 PoC Caucus


San Juan              9:00am-10:15pm              Keynote Address


Playspace            1:00pm-2:30pm  Two Great Tastes That Go Together: Piercing & Impact

San Simeon          1:00pm-2:30pm             Crack it Yourself: A Frugal Beginners Guide to Paracord Whipmaking


San Carlos            1:00pm-2:30pm             Powerful Workshops

San Juan              1:00pm-2:30pm             Creative Captivity - Brain Bondage

San Martin            1:00pm-2:30pm              Zoning Out to Slides of Past IMsLBB Weekends